PhD Position in Theoretical Particle Physics

Department of Theoretical Physics at the Jožef Stefan Institute is announcing a PhD student position.

The recipient will be hosted by the particle physics group in a dynamic environment with regular events: international workshops, group retreats, seminars and summer schools. The vibrant community of faculty members, postdocs, students and visitors offers opportunities for work and collaborations. The group’s research activities cover flavour physics, collider physics, physics of neutrinos, dark matter phenomenology, phase transitions in the early universe, model building, machine learning approaches in high energy physics. The thesis research topic will be along these directions. The recipient is to complete the PhD programme and obtain a PhD title at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana.

The scholarship is funded by the Slovenian research agency and consists of a monthly salary and a generous travel fund for summer schools, conferences and visits. The four-year contract starts in the autumn of 2022.

The deadline to submit your application is 25th June.

For further information see the complete call.