The Department has at disposal its own computing cluster consisting of around 70 computing nodes (4000 cores in total) and more than 12 TB of RAM, several nodes with GPU and FPGA accelerators, storage capacities around 1.2 PB, interconnected with an Ethernet network with a 40 Gbps backbone and Infiniband HDR100. The cluster is currently running CentOS 7.7 managed by Rocks Cluster Distribution, with scientific software built and managed using EasyBuild, Lmod, and Singularity.

RESEARCH PROGRAMS (Slovenian Research Agency)

Program Title Program Leader
Theoretical physics of nuclei, particles and fields Prof. Dr. Jernej Fesel Kamenik
Theory of condensed matter and statistical physics Prof. Dr. Janez Bonča
Biophysics of polymers, membranes, gels, colloids and cells Prof. Dr. Primož Ziherl


Grant Title Grant Leader
New physics implications of scalar resonances at the LHC (ARRS J1-8137)

1. 5. 2017 - 30. 4. 2020

Prof. dr. Jernej Fesel Kamenik
The influence of additives on nanoscopic wetting (ARRS J1-1701)
1. 7. 2019 - 30. 6. 2022
Dr. Matej Kanduč
Active biological matter (ARRS Z1-1851)


Dr. Matej Krajnc
Many-impurity problem (Problem več nečistoč) (ARRS J1-7259) Dr. Rok Žitko

Multi-scale modeling of non-equilibrium quantum materials (Modeliranje neravnovesnih kvantnih materialov na različnih skalah) (ARRS J1-2455)

Dr. Denis Golež

Symmetries and quantum pumping (Vloga simetrij pri vzbujanju kvantnih sistemov) (ARRS J1-2463)

Dr. Zala Lenarčič

Three advances towards realistic description of strongly correlated electron transport (Tri izboljšave na poti do realističnega opisa transporta močno koreliranih elektronov) (ARRS J1-2458)

1.9.2020 - 31.8.2023

Dr. Jernej Mravlje



Project Title Scientist in Charge (IJS)
COLLDENSE: Colloids With Designed Response, Horizon 2020 Project Prof. Dr. Primož Ziherl
COST Action CA16201: Particleface Dr. Miha Nemevšek
COST action CA15108: Connecting insights in fundamental physics Prof. Dr. Jernej Fesel Kamenik
New Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model, ARRS bilateral grant BI-US/18-20-038 Prof. Dr. Jernej Fesel Kamenik
The Flavor of the Invisible Universe, ARRS bilateral grant BI-IT-18-20-002 Dr. Nejc Košnik
Strong electron correlations and superconductivity, ARRS bilateral grant BI-RS/16-17-020 Dr. Rok Žitko