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[Biophysics seminar] Tomer Stern: “Deconstructing Gastrulation at Single-Cell Resolution”

January 25 at 13:00 - 14:00

Gastrulation movements in all animal embryos start with regulated deformations of patterned epithelial sheets. Current studies of gastrulation use a wide range of model organisms and emphasize either large-scale tissue processes or dynamics of individual cells and cell groups. In this work I take a step towards bridging these complementary strategies and deconstruct early stages of gastrulation in the entire Drosophila embryo, where transcriptional patterns in the blastoderm give rise to region-specific cell behaviors. This approach relies on an integrated computational framework for cell segmentation and tracking and on efficient algorithms for event detection. Our results reveal how thousands of cell shape changes, divisions, and intercalations drive large-scale deformations of the patterned blastoderm, setting the stage for systems-level dissection of a pivotal step in animal development.
The meeting will take place online via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 833 0750 1179

Passcode: bio


January 25
13:00 - 14:00